Bonuses Punters Can Get At The Online Slot Machine  

You are on an outdoor walk, looking at the sky in the twilight. You spot a dog running by and instinctively raise your hand to say hello, but before you can call out in greeting, already gone. But, if you are feeling lucky, there is a good chance that your eyes just happened to catch one of the many bonuses available on most online slot machines. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of bonuses that you can get at the online slot machine.

Wild Symbol

The first type of bonus is the wild symbol. It looks like a standard playing card symbol, but unlike a regular one, it can substitute for all other icons on the reels except for scattering and bonus icons. The wild symbol increases your chance of winning, and because it substitutes for any other icon, you can win a big payout when you land several wild symbols on active paylines. This is the most common type of slot machine bonus.

Free Spins 

The next type of slot machine bonus is the free spins. This special symbol can multiply the number of credits in your account by anywhere from three to five times, depending on how many free spins you are awarded. When you hit the spinning reels and see a free spins symbol, you will automatically be awarded several free spins equal to your total credits in your account.

Scatter Symbol

The next type of bonus is the scatter symbol. It looks like a poker card with a joker on it. Symbols appear either on the left or right side of a paylines, and if an image that matches one on your card appears at least three times during a spin, you will get a payout equal to your total credits in the game. You can also play the slot gacor at the online casino to make money.

Bonus Symbol

The last type of bonus is the bonus symbol. It looks like a standard playing card symbol with a star on it. This symbol pays out anytime it appears on the reels, regardless if you land several of them in active paylines.

While there are many different types of slot machine bonuses that you can get at an online slot machine, there’s one thing that all bonuses have in common, they are random, like any other winning combination on a slot machine. The only difference is that at online slot machines, you will have a better chance of getting the optional bonus symbol free spins, scatter, or bonus because there are more slot machine jackpots on the reels.


Online slot bonuses are one of the most attractive parts through which a person can get various options to make money, and the punter can enjoy the different types of games on the platform. All these games are not available at the locally based casino. Some players are making strategies for getting the right online slot casino for playing games.

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